Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today I ask of my Being of what can I do to fulfill my highest purpose in this life? There must be something beyond just meeting the requests of my ability to live and be at peace. If I listen closely there is a current of truth that reflects what the deeper meaning of my existence is. For me, this is to catalyze and empower the feminine spirit and energy of our mothers, sisters, and daughters.
For every woman is one of these to someone, and if I am to be of a species then my responsibility of intentional creation extends regardless of immediate relationship. There is no person disconnected from my being, in one way or another we are One. If all of the individuals in my life are to be as family, to be as One singular tribe of Nature's expression in my life, then I am responsible for what I create within such.
So, I take up this request of my Higher Self for this day and make a declaration of my intention. I share this awareness and purpose with those who would read and possibly consider the importance of such a task. For it is through listening to the inner voice of which direct connection to our unified spirit exists that we may each discover the reason to why God, Nature, or the cosmos have called upon our soul into a body.

The feminine energy of creation is dynamic, it shifts and changes upon the foundation of logical and fundamental structure of the masculine. On a practical level I see that it is this structure of living, the platform of society that is organized, that enables any change to occur. It becomes apparent that what we have created as a basis for living that allows our creative being to arise s insufficient for the demands of our higher potential. There are components of which proper alignment could result in a perfect reflection of Nature's highest way of Being, alas, if we are not to choose how we utilize such then we are subject to the whims of the subconscious. Nature will play out it's own design and of this Nature ask's us the question, what will you choose to do?
Until this point in time we have toiled to create an order for which we can grow, this is the way of Nature. It is inherent to existence that on each level of macrocosm structure is created of which energy may freely change and grow. Without the masculine laws of Nature there would not be allowed processes to occur of which change results in a resolution, a refinement of existence. This resolution, this way of changing and becoming new that is a quality of all things, is the feminine. Without such the world would become bland, stagnant, and potentially dissolve into an absolute order of which no thing would be different from the next.
To come into comprehension of the qualities of energy is to welcome the concepts that occur on the variety of scales to which this energy manifests. The height of this fundamental spectrum of energy behavior are the qualities of masculine, feminine, and the intermediary which is the combining of the two. Consider masculine as a straight line and feminine as a curve...this one idea alone can blossom into an entirely new way of seeing of which the qualities of Being are brought into awareness.
This is our first step, to become aware. To consider that life is not crude and random, nor is it stagnant and uniform is to ask of God the truth that brings the soul to manifest into a body. This is to ask of the Source of life to show us how existence works, how we are allowed to be. Perhaps for some of us this depth of comprehension or expanse of awareness is irrelevant, yet I assure you that through this portal is a glimpse into the workings of our practical day to day existence.
All of life expands and contracts. As if each moment, each fragment of energy drifting in the ocean of creation pulsates in and out of being. Each action we take is checked upon our deepest unconscious mind, if we are to get out of bed in the morning there must be a trust that the floor remains, and that gravity will support us perfectly. The mind knows this even if we do not for one instant consider such.
This contraction is masculine, a written word of truth gathered by the perception of consciousness. Then, once a foundation is met for which energy to propelled from we expand. We explode into Being and take the step needed to move forward in time. We create upon this foundation, we move, we change, we place new information into the field for which the next contraction will meet. Life progresses in this way, and we can choose to see such as simple or as infinitely complex. Regardless of how our awareness harnesses this concept the existence of such is undeniable.
Now let us telescope out into the physical world. From the realms of energy flickering in and out of the divine matrix we find ourselves opening our eyes and looking into our day of possibility. If we are to write on the cosmos the truth of our experience, if we are to act as an agent of Nature, a child of God, if we are to fully accept our Being as a inseparable part of Nature, then we are best to do so with intention.
What do we choose to believe of a situation, of a quality or thing? We return to the question what is my purpose for this day? Of what shall we create if each thought, each feeling, and action is to echo out into the space of all? This is where intention comes in, for although who we are is a reflection of the situation we were born into we have a choice as to what we decide is true and how we interact with our day as a result.
If I feel unhappy then I can choose to be honest with those around me, to find the source of discomfort and discover the lesson within such. To feel full of energy and radiating with bliss I can choose to share this wealth or I can choose to horde such, yet as is understood, that which is coveted cannot be expected to flourish. Discipline in action means I cultivate and direct my intention into my day with trust. A forgiveness must remain for my own Being, that if I do not see my intention fulfilled that there must be a higher directive of the moment for which I am serving.
To set an intention is to make a prayer, to put a disclaimer upon one's actions as to what we would like to create. This is a subtle art that directly changes all we encounter. If we choose to live as an example of trust in God then each action will reflect this, even when we cannot recognize such. If we choose to create joy into the world then even in our darkest and most difficult times this energy of our knowing will permeate and unfold. This is our greatest power, for as children of God we hold with us each a spark of creation. On the most basic level of Being we create each moment, if we choose to believe so we can find that even our thoughts are integral to all else.

The purpose of my existence may not have been chosen, instead I merely abstract the highest possibility from my experience. How I utilize this realization is of course my choice, and the events of my life will reflect how my intention and actions are aligned. It has been my charge in life for some time to align who I am with what I create and so we find the intention of empowerment previously stated. This intention, this art of my Being, extends into all things, certainly I am aware of where I succeed in creating a clear reflection and where I do no.
The space of time that my Being has been born into seems very important to me. Why am I here now, what is so special about this point of which my consciousness radiates? If Nature is all things and I am part of this body of God then to know my intentions and to do all I can to cultivate such is the greatest art I can create. From here what is given is respected and treated as a blessing. The content of my life are the tools to which my art may be perfected.
I reach out to the feminine energy, to the Shakti essence, and with utter devotion I ask that she call upon me to serve her best. For my Being is man, my mind puts together the world in logical order and yet this is not enough. There must be poetry, there must be music, there must be a painting of which the palette of my life's content is creating. I can feel the feminine bursting out in my creation, I can see each moment how the divine Goddess fills me with creative momentum. Naturally I can see how such contracts into my beliefs, into the concepts of existence. In response to this I open the doors to a quality called possibility, and so there is a union between the two forces.

Today I thank God for my Being. For this moment of which wonder and amazement thrives and bliss is a well bubbling over that choose to drink from in small rations. I am grateful for this expression of my perspective, for this insight into my core Being as to what this experience has molded me to be. For the discipline to make right choices and to create the highest art for this day I state clearly my willingness. Let there be no confusion, I step into Nature's current and swim freely, I am responsible for what I create.

What is your intention today? What will the art of the moment reveal and what will you quietly utter to the energy of creation? All will be reflected into Being, all will become the world we exist within. Choose, then let go and cultivate compassion. Take each step with purpose and let that purpose align you with the expression of Nature, the child of God, that is awakening within.

Thank you for reading. In'Lakesh Ala'kin, and Blessed Be.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Contemplative Perspective of Belief.

Belief in practical terms is what one finds true. The mind is constantly making a picture of how the world works and applies such to every action. One can think of belief as simple as the application of word and concept to observations or sensory experience. Red is a color, this is a belief. Yet belief can become very complex and exist subconsciously and precognitive, a priori is a term used for the structure of belief that gives continuance to life.
A great deal of belief is subconscious, prior to thought, and doesn't usually come into question because such is generally agreed upon. We don't have to think about our beliefs about how our body functions in space in order to exist in space without difficulty. We know about the fundamental properties of being just by being, there is no requirement to comprehend belief in order for such to work.
Then there are metaphysical considerations of belief, of which logic can create quite a infallible system of understanding from. One prime example is how belief is a part of memory, which functions involuntarily at an incomprehensible speed. Memory is mostly mystery, although we can come to the logical conclusion that in one form or another memory is a pattern of energy stored somehow in the mind. We can watch the brain light up and create a physical phenomena when memory is accessed, yet how the details of memory exist in the space of our mind is mysterious. For me simply understanding that belief exists in the smallest form as energy, or certain vibrational signatures that generate an electrodynamic pulse, is plenty enough to form logical absolution.
The idea that everything is wrapped in a fog of the unknown adds a certain property to considering metaphysical principles of life that doesn't seem to cause any interference with my process of deduction. When speaking of energy and what such is I refer to my ideas of geometry, symbolism and the realm of thought we call analogy. In a world where relativity is an accepted phenomena considering metaphysics through analogy doesn't appear to be any sort of stretch to me. Words can represent things, things can be symbolic for concepts, we take an idea and use such in a creative expression that adds emotion or individual context, all of this is analogy, looking at one phenomena by means of another.
When I say that belief is energy and energy can be related to sound and geometry I am getting into to fundamentals of belief of a very minute scale, a scale where everything is energy. Geometry is a very interesting way to consider such, although equally interesting can be sound to one who is more familiar with the inner life of sound. Geometry can give us a visual model of how patterns of energy might exist, although beyond ones individual logic there can be no real observation. We could record the waves of sound coming from the electrical signal given off when a belief is initiated and then turn such into a 3-D model and potentially find a certain shape relative to certain geometric principles. We could also take the signature of energy we can see by observing the brain and crunch numbers until we have tangible properties of belief, memory, or thought. In neither of these type of experiments are we interacting on the scale that such is happening, we are never directly observing what is happening, for we are always sustaining our own beliefs along side of that we would be seeking in data.
In my life I have observed how changes in my beliefs have changed how I interact with the world. At some points the shift in beliefs has lead to changes in feeling, thought, or response to what would previously come into and out of existence without notice. Perhaps before a person can be conscious of underlying beliefs there needs to be inner truth established, a system of logic where one can derive understanding from experience without needing any direct influence besides such. In expressing my idea of belief prior to discussing my experience with how truth operates I hope that there is a point of reference for why having inner truth established is so important to perception.
How we see the world around us, what we bring our attention to and how such is taken into account and responded to, or ignored, is an expression of our beliefs. Yet if our beliefs are constantly being changed according to our sensory experience and not our actual conscious acknowledgment, then we aren't always in control of our beliefs. As a result how we act is not always who we are in essence, but what we have experienced. This fits in wonderfully with the idea of belief on the smallest scale of having structure as being a pattern of energy. For we are at all times bombarded with the patterns that exist quietly within all things around us.
The mind observes everything as data, the subject or consciousness observes everything as sensation. To the brain gravity is a constant force that creates a system of belief which allows us to forget that gravity exists most of the time. When taken into a practical consideration we might believe that gravity is so and so percent and there for the terminal velocity of decent for an object is so and so, and so on. Our deductions from observation are on a completely different depth of comprehension then at that which belief is truly operating.
All of the objective world consists of physical energy patterns which have a specific structure that corresponds to the beliefs imprinted on such. At the same time though we have an imprint that effectively set in motion all else to follow. Gravity is a very large pattern of energy that exists equally throughout all of the universe, when we leave the planet we do not leave the energetic pattern of belief that is gravity. In fact we carry around such a perfect picture of how reality operates according to the subtle patterns that no matter where we go we carry around a foundation of belief.
Someone believed that when they hit two rocks together they made sparks, and when sparks touched wood they made fire. Of course observation lead to that belief and very well it should have, for without a complete structure to build our current model of beliefs upon, well who knows what would happen? The inherent patterns of belief are such that they exist before ever having any context, even if such is created by human interaction with our environment. There is nothing that says we cannot somehow change these original fundamentals that initiated our current awareness of being. If belief is energy, and energy is also the substance of matter, working upon forces that are also patterns of energy, then in theory the mind, which has the quality of transmuting energies from one form to another, could potentially alter patterns of belief. This of course is a little off topic, but in describing what belief is, and digging into the depths of how such interacts with everything, letting the proverbial cat out of the bag was just a matter of time.
Getting back on track to the train

Friday, October 2, 2009

Finding a starting point

Upon searching for information and postings about some of the metaphysical subjects that I have bunched together in a system of definitive logic I realized that there isn't really anyone who has made such extensive connections. Of course there are countless theories or how space, time, and matter function, yet all seem to have trouble bridging the gap between subject and object. I'm simply stating the process that lead to me wanting to compile this writing, surely this is a lot I did not find or read and have yet to investigate.
The point is that in order to start discussing what I've come to know as the realms of Absolute Logic there is just so much information behind each word, concept, and truth. Of course I have to start somewhere, and for some time this starting point has troubled me. My first idea is that a foundation must be built so that the individual may find their own logic by relating to my own. In order to do this inner truth must be established, and then a process of narrowing down a multitude of subjects to core fundamentals. This alone proved to be a monumental task, for I don't know how to teach what I've learned, what I have learned has come from eleven years of cause and effect. I built structures of belief, refined them, and the people and circumstances of my life opened up more and more insight.
Now here I am with what feels like a simple awareness and complete concept of not only existence, but creation as well, and yet there is so much difficulty in actually expressing such. Paradox seems to be wrapped around any subject concerning metaphysics, for each individual has their own subconscious definition of every word they have ever encountered. Dialect isn't just a matter of agreeing on definitions, how we communicate Absolute Logic creates paradox alone. For truth can only exist independently, a self-confirming and creating process of comprehension is how we each maintain our perception.
On top of this constantly readjusting system of awareness that gives shape to consciousness is a infallible structure, of which we can only transcend, not change. Perhaps "under" is a better preposition, for we have come out of this original design and have evolved with a specific potential as our goal. This goal is the exponential growth of creation, the reproduction of universes, a manner for copying the original design and yet not hindering a new degree of consciousness to ascend from that where the intersection lay.
I came about this realization in quite the unique way, just as my initial inquiry into the workings of life began. In fact when I reached a certain point of understanding I seemed to encounter a monumental flop in my mind and in reality around me. This is a story in itself, and I am currently writing it in my other blog "A kundalini experience". Trying to share the experience of how deep insight was actually observed in my quite normal life is for me an immense project. As I said before, everything has subtle context that without defining leaves that content floating in a mystical world.
Belief is a wonderful point of reference for metaphysics, even physics for that matter. As soon as I establish what my idea of belief is, how such works, and what is the quanta of such, then I have to turn right back around and go into inner truth. Everything has to come from within ones own comprehension, or I am just making a record of observations without any foundation for practical application. That is truly my purpose, to create practical application out of deep fundamental understanding. Creating meaning in ones life is quite simple, follow what inspires you, what brings you peace or happiness, yet for some people this just isn't enough anymore.
For me peace wasn't enough, I sought happiness, found the principle of balance and then derived from that a nearly unbreakable peace. Yet what good is existing in contentment within a world where confusion and disarray seems to be leading most others into frivolous expenditures of a life journey? How can one be enlightened or transcended from normal reality without observing what is actually happening?
This is in part how I look at the story of Buddha, where at first he abandoned all his attachments, saw the unfathomable structure of creation, came back to spread the news, and then simply went back into meditation and disappeared. What else was there for him to do but transcend reality and create his own? One can only go so far into the workings of creation without reaching a peak of understanding and therefore creating their own point of reference or universe. He just may have saw how in all of time there is only one course, and he was existing in a time where that course was still far from resolving. We don't resolve to zero by the way, we resolve to create exponents.
This all relates quite closely to Jesus and his lingo as well, yet there is certainly much to say before all of that is delved into. The idea is that there is no perfect starting point for discussing the Absolute, the energy body of all things or the intelligent process of Nature in resolution. There will always be another step backwards, all the way to the point where the unknown lay. There will always be an unknown, a vast weaving of mystery that connects and motivates truth and knowledge. The source of creation is everything, and how that everything works into the finite world of our observation is out of our reach.
Accepting the unknown is an important aspect of understanding or comprehending the workings of existence. This is an idea that may not fly everywhere, but religion is founded upon that which cannot be proved just as science is eternally based on myth as well. Having a portion that is incomprehensible doesn't invalidate the logic of what is brought into awareness, for there must be balance. Force instance we can see the basic structure of energy that is a pencil, but we cannot know the future of how that energy will resolve. Using the same example, we cannot know all of the intricacies of how that pencil came to be, we can use logic to have a very good idea, but there is always going to be an amount of that pencil's being that is unknown. This is the same for life, we can know how creation happens, but we cannot know from whence creation was conceived. We can know the values that make up this specific life journey, but we may never know how those values were originally set in motion beyond the logic of such.
This concept alone was a catalyst for many realizations to follow, I finally had let possibility become a finite property of inquisition into existence. This may have come from the idea of potential energy, how each thing resolves, what could be contained within each objective thing in the universe is mystery. Potential brings everything to life, and where I see potential is in everything. Possibility doesn't exist as a question mark, possibility exists as potential energy which may or may not be reached. A question is many possiblities, the answer of any question rests as truth within each person, sometimes we just don't have an answer. This shouldn't deter us from questioning.
Finding a starting point, oh, there are so many! Every topic seems to unfold into so many more, and although they each have a frame of reference in my lifetime they are each also preceded by a reference which might be in the realm of possibility. In my DNA there is knowledge both conscious and subconscious, same goes for my brain. Everything seems to have a memory, and a potential, this is what I have come to call a pattern of energy, or a belief. Nature was initiated with a specific pattern of belief that set in motion everything else to follow, in this way even free will is an illusion. Causality is an illusion, yet what seperates the Absolute from the possibility is the unknown. Once we have an understanding of the unknown that includes the potential for information to come in and out of such freely we obtain a higher state of potential.
This leads into intention, intention leads into manifestation, leading back to the static pattern of resolution that is evolution. Even inner truth boils down to a larger and larger plane of thought, my starting point is always escaping me into the ether of possibility. I don't want to overwhelm anyone who might read my writings, but to truly explain each part of such a small scale of observation and deduction we must get quite intricate. I will begin with defining belief and expressing how I have come to know belief on a quantum scale. As I said there is a great deal behind everything that might follow, so sticking to one subject is allowing for my thought to roam freely.
Certainly inner truth and the realization of the Absolute, or logic that gives structure to fundamentals in this context, is also a good starting point. I would hope that this would be read first so that one doesn't read with feelings of me being arrogant or assuming. Everything I say is true for me, there is experience in my life that has lead to each aspect. When life took on a haste as to what I comprehended I found examples of my ideas in everything that happened. In my art I found shapes and symbols, then I studied these and discovered how number relates to sound and how geometry gives shape to the known universe. When I sought religion for happiness in earlier days, I came to realize how all fact is simply belief, and what becomes popular belief has in history been more of an issue of who controlled the information.
The examples go on endlessly, what I am trying to convey is that I would never assume what is right for me is right for another. We each know what is true for ourselves, and if we question and allow possibility then what we discover is infinite. I seek to prove nothing, I seek only to encourage a new way of seeing or understanding, that one might consider what I say as true for me, and having a basis as fact in my experience. From my observations one can hear and comprehend everything that I say, the weight or importance of such is independant to how monumental such has been to me.
In my writing most of what I say is opinion, and although I use the term logic and Absolute, such can only be so for the individual. Perhaps we each have a seed of understanding buried in the subconscious that need only be instigated to burst into consciousness. In the world around me I see so much insight, there is so much wonderful things to see and understand. Enlightenment already exists within, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do. I do not offer enlightenment, I do not offer Absolution, I only offer my opinion, and do so as truthfully and thoroughly as inspiration dictates.
I hope you find something in my writing that inspires you.

Blessed Be~ Nate